The St. James Police Department allows citizens the opportunity to ride along with a Police Officer. The program is designed to help educate the community about what the police department does daily, and to help residents become familiar with the officers and the department.

The program is intended to develop partnerships with the community through interaction. The Ride Along Program is designed to foster a better understanding of the challenges, hazards and rewards of being a police officer in St. James, MO.

The program allows citizens to ride along with a police officer once per calendar years for a maximum of 4 hours.



To be eligible for the Ride Along Program, you must complete an application form and return it to the St. James Police Department in person. You may download the application form below and print it off or pick an application up from our office.

Microsoft_Office.gif Ride_Along_Application.docx
PDF_logo.gif Ride_Along_Application.pdf


To be considered for the Ride Along Program, applicants:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be willing to submit to a records check through the National Criminal Justice Information Center (NCIC)
  • Must be willing to comply with the program rules and guidelines (outlined below);
  • Must not have participated in a City of St. James Ride Along within the calendar year.
  • The Chief of Police, or his designee, may make an exception to age requirement if the parent or legal guardian of a minor submits a request in writing.


1. Promptly and Quickly obey all commands of all St. James Police Department officers, the Chief, or other law enforcement officers.

2. Applicants must read and sign the application and release in its entirety, 14 days prior to the requested date of the ride-along, and in the presence of a St. James Police Officer.

3. The applicant must show a photo identification to a St. James Police Department employee that is issued by a state or federal government agency at the time they sign the application and release.

4. Participants are normally allowed to ride one time during a calendar year, up to and not to exceed four hours. Exceptions to this are as follows: Department and Officer Initiated Ride Along (News Media, law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions, county employees, relatives or personal acquaintances of Sheriff’s employees, participants in an internship program with the St. James Police Department, Police Officer Reserves, public officials or other institutional members approved by the Chief) Regardless of any exceptions, each ride-along event must be approved and an application and release must be completed.

5. The participant must be in good physical health and have the ability to run, bend, duck, squat, crawl climb and communicate.

6. Whenever possible, female participants will ride with female officers, male participants will ride with male officers. Staffing will dictate the availability to pair deputies and citizens in this manner.

7. Participants shall not record or video while participating in the ride-along program. Further, participants shall not bring with them any equipment that may be used to record audio or video in any form. Cellular telephones must remain silent and may only be utilized when expressly permitted by the host deputy or in case of emergency. (This rule does not apply to news media personnel.)

8. Participants must submit to a search of their person and/or any belongings brought with them at any time during the ride-along event if such a request is made by any St. James Police Officer or the Chief.

9. Participants shall not have any weapons with them or in their possession. (Law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions may at the discretion of the shift supervisor be permitted to carry their firearm. If such permission is granted the weapon must be completely concealed.

10. Participants shall have their seat belt properly secured at all times while the vehicle they are riding in is in motion.

11. Participants shall not use the radio except in cases of extreme emergency when the officer is not able to.

12. Dress Code - Permitted:

Casual slacks - Neat denim jeans - Shirts with a collar -Shoes should be clean and comfortable with a non-slip type of sole. Appropriate protective clothing should be brought by the participant for applicable weather conditions. Non-logo sweaters, jackets, and coats are permitted.

Dress Code - Prohibited:

Dresses - Skirts - Low cut or revealing pants - Loose baggy pants - Military or Tactical pants - Tshirts - Shorts - Sweatpants - Jogging Suits – High heel shoes - Any article of clothing displaying offensive logos - Any article of clothing that is torn, has holes or reveals any areas of the body that should be covered - Any other item or article that may compromise the integrity and professionalism of the police department or offend a reasonable person. All tattoos must be completely covered. The shift supervisor will make the final determination as to whether a participant’s dress is acceptable.

13. Participants shall not identify themselves as law enforcement officers, either visually or verbally. (Outside jurisdiction Law Enforcement Officer participants may in the case of an emergency identify themselves as law enforcement.)

14. Participants shall not become directly involved in any law enforcement activity unless specifically requested to do so by a officer or other law enforcement officer, or in cases of extreme emergency, at their own discretion. Participants should not communicate with suspects, victims, or witnesses in any manner unless directed to do so by the host deputy. Violating this rule may compromise a criminal case and will not be tolerated.

15. The host officer will notify dispatch that they have a civilian rider prior to going in service.

16. The host officer will determine when it is acceptable for the participant to exit the vehicle, prior to the participant exiting the vehicle. (i.e. on traffic stops or calls for service)

17. The host officers may suspend a ride-along event at any time and return the participant to the Police Department.

18. Participants will not be permitted to enter onto private property or other areas where a citizen has a reasonable expectation of privacy without the explicit consent of the citizen. Participants will not be allowed to participate in any search warrant.

19. Participants will not be allowed to freely discuss observed items that are of a confidential nature outside of the Police Department.

20. Any participant who is injured or ill no matter how slight, shall immediately notify their host officer of such.

21. Participants shall report to St. James Police Department ten minutes prior to the beginning of the time they have been approved to ride-along. Participants will normally be expected to ride the entire scheduled ride shift (Citizen Initiated Participants 4 hour max) in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis.