• The St. James Police Department does NOT employee any Full or Part time Police officers specifically dedicated for animal control.
  • The St. James Police Department handles animal complaints regarding barking dogs, at large animals and strays, dog/cat bites or scratches, and lost and found pets.
  • The St. James Police Department's leash law requires that pets that are off the owner’s premises be kept on a leash and under the owner’s control at all times.
  • Dogs and cats must have current rabies vaccinations and identification.


Animal bites/scratches

As a pet owner, you are fully responsible for reporting an animal bite or scratch when your pet is the animal in question. If a bite or scratch breaks human skin, the animal must be quarantined for a period of 10 days. If your pet is vaccinated, then it may be quarantined at your home. If not, the animal must be quarantined at the City’s designated kennel for a 10-day period. A fee will be assessed to you to cover the cost of your pet’s care by the St. James Tri-County Humane Shelter.

Lost Pet Information

If you have lost your pet, please contact the St. James Police Department and speak with an officer.
You may also check our Facebook and website for lost pets. Animals that are picked up by the St. James Police Department, and which cannot be identified through tags or a microchip, will sometimes be listed on our Facebook 'Wall' with a brief. description of the animal. You may also want to visit Tri-County Humane Society's website and contact them if you have lost a pet.

Claiming an Impounded Pet

If we are unable to immediately identify or contact the owner of an animal in our custody, we will transport the animal to the St. Jame's Tri-County Humane Shelter. It is important to identify and claim your pet as soon as possible to save on confinement fees.

Claiming an impounded pet is a two-part process.

  • First, owners must obtain an impoundment release form from the St. James Police Department. Otherwise, the animal shelter cannot release the pet. Owners must show identification (such as a driver’s license) and proof of the pet’s current rabies vaccination, if possible, and also pay the applicable fines.
  • Next, the owner must bring the St. James Police Department’s official release to the St. Jame's Tri-County Humane Shelter during the center’s regular business hours.

Pet registration, rabies vaccinations and ID

St. James, MO law requires that all dogs living in city limits must be registered and have current rabies vaccinations.

Relinquishing an animal

If you have decided for any reason that your pet is not working out in your home, you may call the St. James Tri-County Humane Society to see if they will accept your animal.

In order to keep the pet population under control, and avoid euthanization of unwanted dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, please spay or neuter your pet.

Animal cruelty

If you observe animal cruelty, it is your duty to contact the police department immediately. Animal cruelty includes neglect, such as lack of proper shelter, food and water, and the physical abuse of an animal. Please report any animal cruelty you witness or detect.