Criminal activity is a community concern, and we at the Saint James Police Department are interested in what our citizens think. If you have particular thoughts about issues of safety and security of concern to Saint James residents, we need to know. Whether it's a particular spot that would benefit from a stronger police presence, suggestions to improve the sharing of information and the building of a true community partnership, or anything else, we urge you to let us know of any areas we need to address.

This General Crime Information link is a means for informing patrol officers of chronic neighborhood problems or conditions that are not of an emergency nature. This initiative is designed to be an effective, proactive response to neighborhood concerns.

For instance, this police website may be used to report such things as disorderly conduct that routinely occurs on local street corners, or information you may have about a crime that has already been committed. Likewise, this mechanism can be used to inform the police department of special community events so that officers can provide additional security. Basically, any non-emergency problem or condition that the police patrol force should be made aware of can be reported using this procedure.