The Driver Examination Division is operated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The Driver Examination Division administers the written and driving examinations to individuals qualifying for a Missouri Instruction Permit; Intermediate License; Full Driver (Operator) License; For-Hire (Chauffeur) License; and Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL). They also administer the written and driving examinations needed to obtain a Motorcycle Instruction Permit or Motorcycle License.

The Driver Examination Division is responsible for all employees who administer the tests, making sure the tests are administered fairly and professionally, and procures the examination stations for testing throughout the state of Missouri.

Examination stations are provided in each county of the state and CDL sites are located within each Troop of the Highway Patrol.

While appointments are not necessary for the driving skills portion of the Full Driver (Operator) License, they are necessary to take a Commercial Driver License (CDL) driving skills test. Please click the link below to obtain phone numbers of our CDL testing locations.

Before arriving at an examination station, an individual needs to understand what will be required and the hours of operation for that particular station. NOTE: ARRIVAL AT A TESTING LOCATION BEFORE CLOSING TIME DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT A WRITTEN OR DRIVING SKILLS TEST WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU. Written and driving skills tests are given based upon personnel availability and volume of test applicants.

Please click on the following link for examination stations and their hours of operation: